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One of hottest features in JSN Dona is extended styles adapted for a very popular Joomla! extension K2. Technically extended styles are overrides of default extension’s style (images + CSS) and located in folder “/ext/k2” inside template folder.

Extended style for K2 includes adapted tabs color, additional module styles, fixed alignment issues and some other minor visual enhancement.

Component styling

Here is how K2 component will look like after extended styles applied.

Module styling

Besides from extended component styling you can use template module styles for K2 modules as well.

  • K2 Content Module (mod_k2_content) with module style box-green jsn-icon-article applied

  • K2 Comments Module (mod_k2_comments) with module style box-blue jsn-icon-comment applied
  • K2 Login Module (mod_k2_login) with module style box-yellow jsn-icon-user applied

The K2 extensions is not included in the template package and you have to download separately at http://www.getk2.org

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