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Key Contents Contents Your business Optimising your product pages Brand and category pages E-commerce 6 Reducing cart abandonment Building relationships with email marketing Getting ready to take your business online Payment Gateway.

As more and more people choose to shop online instead of shopping on the street, the best time has never been to make your business completely online and sell products and services through e-commerce sites. E-commerce sites can not only expand your business scope but also allow you to work 24/7 to help you connect with more and more customers. A good e-commerce store will not only attract and convert customers, but it should also help you retain customers. Once you sell a product to your customers for the first time, they will become familiar with the business products and service quality and ensure that they can buy more products from your website in the future. Although all startups want to find new customers, it is not easy to sell more products to existing customers, and you can use your marketing budget more effectively. Whether you already have an e-commerce site or plan to start an e-commerce site, What happens online it is important that your strategy and marketing have the right to have the greatest chance of success.A well-designed e-commerce store with a secure and easy- to-use transaction process is your foundation, but it does not generate sales on its own. You also need to make sure that the right audience finds your website, which means that you are attracting traffic to all platforms where potential customers spend all their time, whether this is the result of the engine. Search, social media, third-party websites or applications. , and many more. And, once you get the traffic to visit the website, please be sure to help the visitor decide to buy from you and finalise it by providing all the required information (such as delivery time, delivery, cost, shipping, and your policy) buy. . . Return, etc. This free guide is designed to guide you through five key topics that will help you successfully enter the world of e-commerce.

Creating a bigger online presence Product optimization You can assume that your website is the most important website because it can act as a showcase for an online store. However, for e-commerce sites, this is not always the case. This is because many visitors will go directly to one of your product pages, especially if they use search engines like Google to find the items they want to buy. Compared to people who use more general terms, people who are looking for a particular product are more likely to make a purchase decision. By focusing on the needs of the most interesting audiences, you can achieve better conversion and sales results. The basic elements of the product Related Titles: The page title is usually the name of the product itself, but if customers can use these words when The different areas focus on online Item 1 20% Item 2 20% Item 3 20% Item 4 20% Item 5 20% searching the Internet, please add detailed information such as brand and color Unique description: If you want to resell another company's product, try writing a product description in your own language to make them think the product is more attractive to your audience. The manufacturer's general description cannot help you stand out on the Internet, nor can it target a specific audience. A good description points out some key features (possibly using bulleted lists) that can help customers decide to buy Images optimized for mobile devices: It is also important to use high-quality product images (even in close-up shots from multiple angles and specific features), but it is also important to optimize them for use on the Internet. This means you can save them to the correct size and display them on the website with the smallest file size without affecting the overall image quality. This can help your website load time, increase SEO and use less server storage space. Clear branding: Since some customers will never visit your website, make sure that your brand and ethics are displayed correctly in the header and footer of the website so that customers can trust you to buy products from you.
“The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.” Brand and category By creating a dedicated landing page for the brands and product types you sell, your online store can gain visibility in Google search results. Brand page Large brands have a loyal fan base, so when visiting your website, providing potential customers with an easy way to browse all the products related to that brand will be of great help. The content you want to place on the brand page is basically similar to the content on each page of the product, that is, the relevant title contains rich keywords, high-quality pictures, etc. However, you also need a more detailed description. The brand itself. It should include detailed information about the brand, concept, product line, and unique selling points, as well as links to the core product line. This is a great opportunity to use some relevant keyword search terms! Category page Similarly, you may be selling certain items in related categories. The category page allows you to group these products together, and can very effectively improve the ranking of these specific keywords in search engines and make it easier for customers to browse your product line. As with the brand page, think of it as an opportunity to capture the categories, products, and key features that customers should consider when browsing or purchasing products in that category, and then link to all brand products. discount You can offer discounts for specific brands or categories, for new customers, or seasonal discounts. Ideally, you can go to the brand or category page, where the audience can quickly identify all the items available in the promotion.

“The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.” business use Now, you will notice that one of the main features of this website is that e- commerce pages are more abundant! Homepage and web pages to contact companies and product categories, as well as the type of brand pages that help content to be generated in search engines. In all these pages, be sure to focus on the user experience, and on-page chatbots are gradually being developed to improve their shopping experience to help your customers. This is widely referred to as "language". Because this is the trade with us, this is a common custom, it is the way we do our best to solve social problems so that work and help have the right to provide access and all basic preachers in letting them help with these companies. Before contacting. Because this is the last expectation of the client for the goal, the purpose is to reflect on the consulting service provided by the individual, which is provided by the service staff of the agency, that is enough to provide the service and provide the service online. The chat has been integrated into the chat window, and it is impossible to use third-party applications (such as WhatsApp, Facebook messages, or iMessage) to complete the provided messaging service. These conversations can be conducted by human operators of artificial intelligence or reverse chat with robots. A bot is software necessary to help provide support information to visitors through the shopping experience. Successful dialogue and action If you are looking for a gift for your friend’s birthday. You must first start browsing from the online gift shop. When you click on the website, so that we won't see anything in your profile, you can choose one or more! Either way, you need help. Then, the chatbox will pop up in the lower right corner of the screen: "I see you are looking for a gift, you can help me." He said: "Yes!". After a few minutes, your friend’s preferences will no longer be displayed in the chat window. In hot cases, chat with the men’s assistant, or refer to the store’s catalog and post a link to chat with the store window to make some suggestions. For the perfect "don't", you will find a friend, because this is to be achieved. The thing to consider now is, if not the element? You cannot find an ideal place that is carefree. But since then, as a real-time consulting company, the product has been purchased with you. Your carrots are very successful. This is a win-win situation! do you know? Consumers are more likely to become repeat customers If he answered his digital channel brand question, then it is a brand.

Making it big online Reduce shopping cart abandonment The fact of life is that many people put life in their online shopping cart and then throw it away without having to complete the checkout process to purchase. Let's take a look at how to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts on e-commerce sites. Create an abandoned shopping cart recovery email campaign This is an effective marketing strategy that uses manual or automatic emails to remind customers that they have visited your website but have not yet completed an online transaction to return to your website. When visitors add items to the shopping cart on your website, they should be asked to enter some contact information, including their email address. This means that if they subsequently exit the purchase process, they can trigger a resumption of activity. Remember that you will need to obtain appropriate permissions for users regarding data protection and cookies. Learn what people are interested in social media. A good abandoned shopping cart recovery campaign will include a series of emails to remind recipients of the products they are interested in and invite them to complete their purchase. Each email should contain detailed information about the remaining products in the shopping cart, with a convenient link to take the customer directly back to the checkout process so that they can easily complete the order. The series usually contains three touchpoints, the first one assumes that the user simply forgot to check out and sent the touchpoint within a few hours of the visit. An effective way to organize this series of articles is to include coupons or rewards in the final email. This is an effective way to help clients get a lot of things before writing introductory work. It’s best to remember that there is no correct way to set up an abandoned shopping cart recovery activity, so you can try to send emails with different offers or formats at different times to find the best method for your customers.

Making it big online Build a relationship with email marketing The shopping cart abandonment movement is just the beginning of how to use email marketing as a powerful tool to increase sales in e- commerce stores. It is a key role in any online marketing mix because it is a great way to keep existing customers in touch with your brand, stay up to date with the latest news, and prepare to start your business online. However, the challenge for email marketing is that it requires you to securely store your customers’ personal data in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including obtaining proper authorization before acquiring and storing customer data. Through a series of exchanges. After obtaining consent, it is best to send a welcome email to the new contact. This is a great opportunity to introduce them to your business, introduce them to the latest products and related support resources, and let them know what to look for in your business in the future. Learn email marketing The first impression is very important. Here are some important tips for a well-designed welcome email campaign: Say "thank you": This may be the most obvious point, but your customers only promise to get more information from your business, so thanking them is a good idea. Talk about your business: To build a lasting relationship with your customers, please provide information about your business and why it was founded. It will help you look better Include rewards: A common strategy to help complete repeat transactions is to provide free shipping or discounts, or promote limited seasonal offers to increase urgency and increase sales. Go on: Let your audience know what your current email program might be. If you plan to send newsletters every week or month, it is best to set expectations in advance to reduce future spam complaints. Ask them to whitelist you when it comes to spam complaints, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tend to filter a lot of emails before they reach the mailbox. address. . Contact the approved sender list to reduce the possibility of this happening

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Ready to take your business online E-commerce sites are all about e-science: you need to target the right consumers to visit your online store, provide a great user experience that promotes sales, and have after-sales processes that build engagement and repeat business. We hope this guide helped you understand some of the key areas to consider when getting started. Of course, you can also research many other technologies, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to attract more website visits, use customer reviews and recommendations to promote your business, products, and create videos. Show your specialty products. Eastern Vogue is happy to guide you through the process of building an affordable e-commerce store for your business. Call +44-203-759-2630 / +44-203-815-8646 to talk to one of our experts, or visit for more information.

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Secure Online Payment Gateway with Verofy The customer is redirected to enter their card details, so no sensitive information needs to be taken or stored on the merchant’s site, thereby removing the need for them to maintain highly secure encrypted databases, or obtain digital certificates.

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